t of Gre○e, said

o the intelligen●t equipmen○t industry○ in 2013. The● industry covers nu●merical control ●machines, indust■rial robots, se■rvo-manipu〓lators, intel●ligent storage ■equipment and intel●ligent detec


ti●ng systems."We ●must stick to〓 independent resea〓rch and dev●elopment, bu■ilding our own tal○ent pool and〓 R&D team, ■as well as ◆mastering c■ore technolog■y," Dong said. "On●ly in this w●ay can we ●lead the industry a●nd the world●."That's what we're■ doing for Made ●in

China 2025," she■ said, referring to●

on the sid■ Dolor Sit

the national plan● to upgrade C◆hinese manuf●acturing. "That's ●our responsibil■ity right no○w."The industria●l robots covered b■y the compa■ny's intellectual p〓roperty rights■ have been applied i?/p> image

餹 welding, s◆praying and tra◆nsportation, great●ly enhancing p●roductivity an◆d reduces l○abor costs, ●she said.In an earl■ier interv●iew, she said her◆ company wou■ld concentrate ◆on robots and ■precision machine to〓ols as part o■f efforts to ○upgrade and tran●sform Chinese ○manufacturing○, as well as prov●iding enti〓rely self-d●eveloped high-end● equipment f●or Made in China 20■25.Gree has● independently fil●ed more than 20 pate○nts across o〓ver 100 types○ of automation 〓products, such as● intelligent〓 automatic gui●ded vehicles, indus●trial robots a○nd manipulators■ for plastic〓 injection m〓achines, which

a〓re used to co■nvey plastic○ products.These ○products hav●e been appl■ied in fie○lds including home◆ appliances■, new energy, food◆ and energy sa■ving.Intellige●nt equipment● has become an impor●tant business ◆growth point for〓 Gree. The● company reported th〓at revenue f■rom its intel●ligent equ○ipment business reac◆hed 962 million● yuan ($152 ■million) in the f■irst half of la●st year, up ◆27 times compare●d with the same p●eriod in 2016.●China has 〓been the world's la■rgest industrial rob■ot market fo■r four consecu●tive years, ac

c〓ording to W◆ang Xiangrui, presid■

is a deputy t

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o 〓the NPC,

ent of the China◆ Machinery ●Industry Fede◆ration. Sales of ind◆ustrial robots ●reached 89,000○ units in ●2016, and t〓he figure is expect◆ed to rise to 15◆0,000 by 202○0."The huge marke●t demand, sound i●ndustrial basis and■ favorable policy ■support have■ brought a rar○e opportunity fo●r the developmen●t of intelligent eq○uip

said ◆

ment and manufa●cturing," Wang said○. "We should focu●s on intellige■nt manufacturing to● promote hi●gh-quality developme●nt, which h◆as also bec〓ome the cho●ice of China's ma■nufacturing in●dustry."The t●ransformati○on and upgra〓ding of China's manu●facturing s〓ector contr●ibuted to t◆

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